How Do You Keep Your Indoor Flowers Safe During The Winter?

Dry air from apartment central heating, as well as a lack of appropriate light, are some of the variables that slow down the photosynthetic process, affecting the vital activity and growth of houseplants.

As a result, utilize hydrogen peroxide, or hydrogen!!! But how is it put to use?

2 teaspoons 3 percent hydrogen solution in a liter container with room temperature water

Store the finished mixture in a container and use it sparingly to spray your houseplants on a daily basis.

You will see the intended outcomes in just a few weeks, namely that they will sparkle with their natural beauty and a revitalized fresh look.

You can use this product for irrigation as well as spraying the plants with hydrogen, but unlike the prior method, you can only irrigate once a week.

This approach will boost the roots and stems of plants while also protecting them from the elements.

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