5 weird things dogs love

The dog is a creature that awakens unimaginable love in us. More and more people are choosing to share their home with a furry friend.

Here are some things that dogs love that we could not immediately guess and associate with our pet. But the more we get to know them, the greater our love for them.


1. Clothes of the owner
Dogs love their owner’s wardrobe, especially socks! They want to take them home and study them. You are probably not unfamiliar with the scene when your pet simply appropriates your slippers, socks and the like. This is because they like your scent!

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables
There is almost no dog that can resist bones or meat, so it would not occur to you that they actually like fresh fruits and vegetables. Interestingly, dogs love human food even more than humans.

Certain fruits and vegetables can have a beneficial effect on the appearance and quality of skin and dog hair, so you can find a way to put them in your furry friend’s stomach. Of course, in consultation with a veterinarian.

3. Ice cream
On social networks we often have the opportunity to see cute scenes in which dogs lick ice cream, leaving half of them around the snout. Summers especially like them because they can help them stay hydrated.

But be careful! You need to give your dog sugar-free ice cream that is tailored to his body. Banana ice cream is a favorite of many dogs.

4. Coconut oil
You may not associate coconut oil with things your dog loves, but that is not the case. The fats that are an integral part of coconut oil can stimulate the production of serotonin and positively affect the mood of human best friends.

Another benefit of coconut oil is that the antibacterial agents in it are excellent when it comes to their dental hygiene. This oil can contribute to a better look and quality of dog hair. But here, too, caution is needed – it is recommended that you give your dog at most one teaspoon of coconut oil a day.

5. Snow
Dogs love to play on the grass, but if it is covered with snow, it will be an additional pleasure. Therefore, you should let your dog play in the snow whenever the opportunity arises. What to look out for is too cold, which can lead to frostbite on the paws.

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