How much coffee is enough for us to stay awake?

Caffeine does not always have the effect of alertness in humans, so sometimes we can drink several cups in a row.

However, the new formula that scientists claim can determine the right dose of caffeine is very likely to help.

Jacques Ryfman, director of the US Military Institute of Biotechnology, also wrote an article in the Journal of Slip Research about a new algorithm that calculates the right amount of caffeine and the right time for coffee.

“This algorithm improves the wakefulness effect by 64 percent, while injecting the same amount of caffeine.”

“But even if we reduce caffeine intake to 65 percent, the effect will be the same again, in most cases.”

The formula is complex, and in some ways, varies from case to case. But the general conclusion is that only two such reduced doses are needed when we are awake.

One – almost immediately after getting out of bed, and the other – a few hours later.

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